First official class in the bag!

I was pretty nervous yesterday, despite having gone to the Intro & Fundamentals classes.  This was the real deal.  With real crossfitters.  That have been training a lot longer than me!

As it turns out, it didn’t matter a bit.  Those that I talked to were friendly and helpful, and nobody laughed as I attempted to keep up with the group (unlike high school gym class all those years ago!).

Our warm up consisted of a 300m run (I didn’t walk once!) and some sit-ups, push ups & squats.  I finished last, but hey – someone’s got to, right?  I’m not there to race 🙂

Then we worked on the muscle-up components. The kip, the transition, and the false grip.  GHB situps using the transition as we got to the top – yeowza.  I think I’ll put in for new abs 🙂

Our WOD was the Nasty Girls, 3 rounds in 15 mins.  I scaled the weight (Ladies bar + 20 lb) and the muscleups (7x ring dips, 7x ring rows in lieu of pullups which I can’t do yet).

I got through two rounds plus my third hang power cleans and half of my third round of squats.  I had trouble with stairs after the workout, but today I seem to be feeling okay.  Shoulders are tight.

I also noticed that the two eggs and piece of ham I had an hour pre-workout was good for about an hour, but we ran late meaning towards the end of the WOD I started to feel like I needed fuel.

I expected to feel totally jazzed and energetic after the workout last night but my body felt heavy and sleepy, so I went home, had a salad & some protein and then went to bed. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my life in general if I get close to 8 hours of sleep (I’m usually a 6.5/night girl), so that’s something I’m working on as well.

Next workout is tomorrow.  Tonight I’m resting.


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