Second time around!

I was pretty tired last night after working all day and not getting much sleep the night before, so I was very tempted to skip the workout.

Our box has a 20 burpee penalty for missing a class and a 16-hour advance cancellation policy.  Not wanting to do the burpees, I decided to just suck it up and go.  And I’m glad I did 🙂

We had the same warmup as Tuesday (this time the 300m run was in the rain – woo!)  and instead of it being a full class, there were only four of us.  That is, me plus three very fit-looking young men.

As expected I was last in completing the warm up (I’m okay with being last) and then we got started in on the mobility work/partner stretches.  I’m extremely flexible but because I have extra weight I can’t get a decent stretch a lot of the time.  Partner stretches really help with that.

We worked on the movements of the clean. First pull, second pull, up to the rack position. Over and over and over.  Holy shit I thought my arms were going to fall off.

Then the WOD.  Similar to 13.4, but a 10 min AMRAP instead of 7.

Instead of the Toes to Bar, I did situps.  And because I pushed it on Tuesday, I ended up with a sore shoulder, so I did just bar cleans with no weight.

13.4 was a laddered workout. 3-6-9-12. Got through 1/2 the 12 cleans before time.

Things I’ve noticed in the last week:
Sit-ups are easier
Face still super red after a workout.
I had more energy post-workout last night than I did on Tuesday. Might be geting over this cold after all.  I just wish this pesky cough would go away.


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