Third Class

Whew!  What a workout that was.

Our warmup consisted of a 600m run which took 4 minutes for me to complete.  I found this easier than the first time I ran it, but it still took a lot out of me.   After the run, he had us do 10 each of:

  • cobra pushups
  • jumping pullups using the ring straps
  • alternating jumping lunges
  • situps.  

I can’t remember if that was the order, but I do remember those were the exercises 🙂 

Because I came back from my run a bit later than the rest of the crew, the coach told me to do 1 full round of ten reps of each and then do 5 of each for the second round in the interest of time.

We then did some partner stretches – the shoulders! Oh they felt good!  I’m extremely flexible but because my weight is high, I have a hard time getting a good stretch.  I’m loving these partner stretches because they get me past the point I’m usually able to get on my own.

We worked on our snatch techniques for the skills portion.  Bars only, and although it didn’t look like much at the end of the 40 reps (4×10 reps of different parts) I was pretty exhausted.

The WOD was deceiving, as I’m learning they are.  I’ve noticed that they look like they could be easy to do and quick to get through, but actually doing them is HARD.  Holy moly.

Our WOD was:

  1. 10x low hang snatch (20lbs + ladies bar for me)
  2. 10x GHD situps
  3. 10x straight legged DL (same bar as #1, but I felt I could do more, yunno?)
  4. 30x double unders

Double unders are officially the bane of my existence.  Because we workout barefoot, the rope strikes my toes, my calves, my ankles. Ugh.  I realize these will come with time, and I’m happy to be able to skip 30x in a row without falling over, but DU’s will take time.  I simply am unable to jump high enough to get the rope under my feet twice.

I was pretty toast at the end of this workout, and my arms are certainly feeling it today.

My face is still extremely red after each workout, I really hope this goes away as my fitness increases and my fatness decreases 🙂


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