Week three!

Instead of counting the classes (which could get old after a while) I’ve decided to start counting weeks.

Last night’s class was the first class I didn’t feel like I was going to pass out or get sick during, and I’m not sure if it’s because my body is adapting or because of my pre-WOD nutrition.

The warmup consisted of a short (300m) run and two rounds of:

  • overhead kettlebell thrusters
  • crab walk (!)
  • twisting kettlebell rows
  • um… I can’t remember the fourth exercise.  I forgot to write this one down.  Sorry 🙂

I made it through the warm ups and then we did snatch drills.  Our WOD was a simple but effective five rounds of:

  • 10x Bar facing burpees
  • 10x snatches

The burpees were tough on my shoulder but I made it through two full rounds plus a full round of burpees.  The snatch Rx was 65 for ladies, but I did my first round with 10lbs and then de-loaded to 7.5.  My poor arms couldn’t take it after all of the work that we did during our skills section.

After two full weeks of regular crossfit 2x/week, I’ve moved up to three days a week this week, so we’ll see how it goes.  Last night’s workout was tough but I didn’t feel extremely drained afterwards, which is a first for me.  I’m not sure if it’s my body adapting or if it is the addition of a few extra carbs into my diet before a workout that’s getting me through.

My goal for the year this year is to not be last at least once. 🙂


The 7 Day Real Food Challenge

One of my favorite fitness/real food bloggers is Melissa Joulwan from The Clothes Make The Girl.

When I was catching up on my RSS feeds last night this post of hers caught my eye, and I got excited:


It’s a mini-version of Whole9′s Whole 30!  Just a week!  This starts April 21 and ends April 27.

This is hosted by Roxanne of Holistic Mama, and Melissa is one of the sponsors.  One of the prizes is her Well Fed cookbook that I love so much I have in three different formats (PDF, Kindle, physical book)

They’ve got two versions, a free version and a goodies-laden $29 version as well.

More details can be found at the link above, or at Holistic Mama‘s site.

I’ve signed up – who’s going to join me?  Leave a comment if you join up!


I really wanted to type this up last night but ye gods – this workout took a lot out of me.  I have started to experiment a bit more with my diet (which I’ll cover in a later post), using the n=1 … philosophy? method?  I’m not quite sure what to call it, but it basically means I’m self-experimenting to figure out what kind of dietary requirements are best for me.

I added in a few more non-sugar/non-grain carbs in the form of an EightFold Eats Almond Butter and Carob bar yesterday.  Half before I worked out, and half after.  The half after seemed to do me more good than the half before, that’s for sure.  I was so shaky and weak after the workout that it brought me back to normal.

I’m toying with the idea of consulting with a Dietitician to see what they think of my current diet, but I might do a bit more of the n=1 experimenting for a while to see if I can figure it out on my own.

The workout was, in a word, intense.  We had the same warmup as Monday which was challenging but doable.  Then we went into the WOD, no strength or skills.

The Rx was as follows:

  • 1200m run 
  • 6x rounds:
    • 15x thrusters (95/65)
    • 15 x C2B (Chest to Bar pullups)
  • 300 DU 

I ran for 900m before the coach called me in – I was a fair bit behind the rest of the group and our allotted 10 mins was up.  I told him that I was determined to not be last one day, and right now that’s my goal.  To not be last. :

My Thrusters I used a ladies bar + 5 lbs, and because I’m still building upper body strength I’m stuck with ring rows for the time being.  I got through 3 rounds of these in the allotted 20 mins

I still can’t do a double under to save my life, so I did single skips for the last 5 mins with everyone else, and every 10th skip I would try a DU.  At one point I forgot to try the DU and ended up skipping 30x in a row.  A small PR, but a PR nonetheless 🙂

The whole class was on the floor after our stretches making some serious sweat angels after we were done.  A good, intense workout.

I went home afterwards and essentially flopped on the couch, unable to move.  I was so drained and devoid of energy.  I rested for a bit and then figured I should eat something, but I was pretty full from all of the water I’d consumed, so I ate some cheese and called it a night.

I was originally signed up for tonight’s class but think I’m going to go home and take it easy.  I’m feeling particularly worn out this week and think that sleep will do me more favours than another workout.


Third Class

Whew!  What a workout that was.

Our warmup consisted of a 600m run which took 4 minutes for me to complete.  I found this easier than the first time I ran it, but it still took a lot out of me.   After the run, he had us do 10 each of:

  • cobra pushups
  • jumping pullups using the ring straps
  • alternating jumping lunges
  • situps.  

I can’t remember if that was the order, but I do remember those were the exercises 🙂 

Because I came back from my run a bit later than the rest of the crew, the coach told me to do 1 full round of ten reps of each and then do 5 of each for the second round in the interest of time.

We then did some partner stretches – the shoulders! Oh they felt good!  I’m extremely flexible but because my weight is high, I have a hard time getting a good stretch.  I’m loving these partner stretches because they get me past the point I’m usually able to get on my own.

We worked on our snatch techniques for the skills portion.  Bars only, and although it didn’t look like much at the end of the 40 reps (4×10 reps of different parts) I was pretty exhausted.

The WOD was deceiving, as I’m learning they are.  I’ve noticed that they look like they could be easy to do and quick to get through, but actually doing them is HARD.  Holy moly.

Our WOD was:

  1. 10x low hang snatch (20lbs + ladies bar for me)
  2. 10x GHD situps
  3. 10x straight legged DL (same bar as #1, but I felt I could do more, yunno?)
  4. 30x double unders

Double unders are officially the bane of my existence.  Because we workout barefoot, the rope strikes my toes, my calves, my ankles. Ugh.  I realize these will come with time, and I’m happy to be able to skip 30x in a row without falling over, but DU’s will take time.  I simply am unable to jump high enough to get the rope under my feet twice.

I was pretty toast at the end of this workout, and my arms are certainly feeling it today.

My face is still extremely red after each workout, I really hope this goes away as my fitness increases and my fatness decreases 🙂

No crossfit today…

Saturday mornings are my favourite. I sleep in, have a relaxing morning, usually my man makes me a delicious omelette & cup of coffee… Life is good.

I didn’t do a crossfit class today, but we did go for a fantastic walk through the local ravine. The cherry blossoms are out in full force, there’s all kinds of fresh greenery on the trees that have been bare all winter. Spring was definitely out in full force here today.

Despite not getting a workout in, my fitbit tells me I still managed to get more than my 10,000 steps in and that I climbed the equivalent of 51 flights of stairs.

Second time around!

I was pretty tired last night after working all day and not getting much sleep the night before, so I was very tempted to skip the workout.

Our box has a 20 burpee penalty for missing a class and a 16-hour advance cancellation policy.  Not wanting to do the burpees, I decided to just suck it up and go.  And I’m glad I did 🙂

We had the same warmup as Tuesday (this time the 300m run was in the rain – woo!)  and instead of it being a full class, there were only four of us.  That is, me plus three very fit-looking young men.

As expected I was last in completing the warm up (I’m okay with being last) and then we got started in on the mobility work/partner stretches.  I’m extremely flexible but because I have extra weight I can’t get a decent stretch a lot of the time.  Partner stretches really help with that.

We worked on the movements of the clean. First pull, second pull, up to the rack position. Over and over and over.  Holy shit I thought my arms were going to fall off.

Then the WOD.  Similar to 13.4, but a 10 min AMRAP instead of 7.

Instead of the Toes to Bar, I did situps.  And because I pushed it on Tuesday, I ended up with a sore shoulder, so I did just bar cleans with no weight.

13.4 was a laddered workout. 3-6-9-12. Got through 1/2 the 12 cleans before time.

Things I’ve noticed in the last week:
Sit-ups are easier
Face still super red after a workout.
I had more energy post-workout last night than I did on Tuesday. Might be geting over this cold after all.  I just wish this pesky cough would go away.