(Late) Monday wrap up – week 5!

Week 5 is in the bag!

I’m a bit late getting this post up – I’m really going to try and get my weekly wrapups done on Mondays for the previous week. My day job got busy yesterday and I had some construction going on in my apartment to boot.

Week 5. Wow. I’ve been doing this now for 5 weeks in a row. I’m kind of surprised I’ve lasted this long, to be honest. I’m loving it and I hope that never changes.

I left the box this week each time feeling fantastic, as compared to previous weeks when I’ve felt more exhausted than when I walk in.

I was pretty tired last week, and was pretty convinced I wanted to skip out on class a couple of the days. I”m really glad I didn’t though, because each time I left the class I would feel better than when I walked in 🙂

I got a PR last week too! I was doing 95lbs DL – huzzah! This is more than I was doing when I was doing the StrongLifts 5×5 program. I’m pretty stoked about this.

Wednesday’s class was simple looking, until you got right down to it. The movements themselves were simple. 200m Row, 20 pushups w/ a bumper plate on your back. 10lbs for women, 25 for the guys. 10 rounds of this. Yikes.

I thought I was going to die at around the 6 round mark but somehow I managed to find the energy to complete the whole workout *and* not hold up my partner. 🙂 I did push myself outside of my comfort zone in order to do this, maybe that’s what the coach had in mind? 🙂

Friday’s was an AMRAP of 10kb snatches, 10GHD situps, 10 kb push jerks & an 80′ bear crawl. I was using the 22# kbs because the 35s still feel too heavy for me. Perhaps next time I can use the 35s and deload if I feel the need 🙂

My biggest positives this week was physical evidence that my body has changed. I tried on some clothing that wouldn’t have fit a few months ago and bam – not only did it fit but I was fitting into the size smaller too! This is good news 🙂

I’ve got a long way to go, I think, but I’m definitely on my way. I can’t wait to see more changes, and I really can’t wait to see the scale move! I’ve been stuck at the same weight (give or take 2lbs) for about 3 weeks now, despite my diet being completely dialed in. Low Carb/Keto on non-workout days, and a few extra carbs in the form of fruit (or a LaraBar) + a nutritional shake on workout days.

Next up is improving my sleep. Quantity as well as quality, but more on that in another post.

How were your workouts last week? Leave me a comment!!


Monday recap: Week Four

I was a lazy busy blogger last week.  Lots going on in my work life, and I learned a whole pile of new things that took most of my brain power.  Good thing I had CrossFit to provide some balance to what would otherwise have been a week in front of the computer with no exercise!

I made it into the box on Monday and Friday, skipping Wednesday’s workout in favour of a trip to Blaine to pick up some packages & hang out with a dear friend.  Again, I forgot to record the WODs from my workouts last week, but this week I will aim to record them all in my new WOD book!

A few PR’s happened last week that I was pleased with:

  1. I got a double under!  Yeah!  I’ve always sucked at skipping (except when I was, like, 5) but could never get a DU.   I got exactly one on Friday and I was so elated I forgot that I should have continued with the rest of the set.  Oops 🙂
  2. New DL PR of 70 lbs.  Not much if you’ve been working out for a while I realize, but it’s a start 🙂

I don’t remember much of Monday’s workout, but Friday’s I do remember quite well.  Tabata.  Oh man.

If you’re not familiar with Tabata, check out this Wikipedia article on the subject.  I’ll wait. 🙂

Our Tabata was 8 rounds (20 seconds on, 10 off) with a 1 minute break between exercises.  We did DoubleUnders, pushups, box jumps, backsquats, handstand pushups, toes to bar, pistols, wall balls, & thrusters.  The allocated 45 minutes went by SO fast.  The workout was super intense but I made it through – both of those being reasons why I loved this workout.  A lot of people hate Tabata workouts, but if they’re all anything like this one, I could see myself doing them again and again.  The only thing you can think of is the exercise in front of you at the time, and how badly you seem to want to quit (but can’t quite get there 🙂 )

This week looks like it’s going to be an interesting week as far as workouts go, and I’ll try and get a couple more posts up for you this week.


Week three wrap up

Today begins week four, but I realized this morning I hadn’t posted anything about Wednesday’s or Friday’s workouts.

That’s right – I made it a FULL THREE DAYS last week!

I seem to be on track with my diet as far as pre-WOD nutrition goes.  I no longer feel like I’m going to fall over or pass out in the middle of a workout because I’m lightheaded – adding in a few more carbs seemed to do the trick.  Next up is to experiment in to how low I can get them and not feel like I’m woozy after doing deadlifts.

Speaking of Deadlifts – I’m in love.  My body seems to be built for lifting heavy things with my legs.  I did them a bit when I was doing the Stronglifts 5×5 program but I wasn’t doing them right.  Now that I’m doing them correctly, they feel better and my body is responding appropriately.

My presses need work.  If my body weight were in the normal range, I’m sure my arms would resemble a stick insect 🙂  I’m getting stronger slowly, but I still feel like I’ve got a long way to go.

I also realized last week that I’ve started to compare myself with others that are much fitter than I am, having been doing CrossFit for much longer.  Note to self – knock that shit off.

I ordered a WOD book from Amazon in advance of my trainer getting some in.  Looking forward to getting this down on paper instead of taking photos w/my phone 🙂

I also learned this weekend that diet pop (yes, pop, I’m Canadian 🙂 ) is no longer my friend.  I have been abstaining for ages but on Saturday night I said “screw it” and drank one.  About an hour later and for the entire following day (yesterday) my sugar/carb cravings were out of control.  I got plenty of sleep this weekend and ate healthy for all of Saturday leading up to the crack of the can, which means that I’m done with diet pop. If you’ve ever struggled with addiction of any kind (I’m a former smoker, so I’m drawing my parallels from that experience), you may be able to relate to the siren song of your addiction even though your logical brain is telling you “no” at the time.  My sugar siren song kicked into high gear and, unfortunately, I gave in 😦

Today is a new day, though, and the offending food I purchased is gone.  I threw some of it away after my logical brain kicked in and realized what I was doing.  Into the garbage disposal it went and I felt immediately better.

Today I go in for another workout, and I’m hoping that yesterday’s food indiscretion doesn’t hinder today’s performance.

Week three!

Instead of counting the classes (which could get old after a while) I’ve decided to start counting weeks.

Last night’s class was the first class I didn’t feel like I was going to pass out or get sick during, and I’m not sure if it’s because my body is adapting or because of my pre-WOD nutrition.

The warmup consisted of a short (300m) run and two rounds of:

  • overhead kettlebell thrusters
  • crab walk (!)
  • twisting kettlebell rows
  • um… I can’t remember the fourth exercise.  I forgot to write this one down.  Sorry 🙂

I made it through the warm ups and then we did snatch drills.  Our WOD was a simple but effective five rounds of:

  • 10x Bar facing burpees
  • 10x snatches

The burpees were tough on my shoulder but I made it through two full rounds plus a full round of burpees.  The snatch Rx was 65 for ladies, but I did my first round with 10lbs and then de-loaded to 7.5.  My poor arms couldn’t take it after all of the work that we did during our skills section.

After two full weeks of regular crossfit 2x/week, I’ve moved up to three days a week this week, so we’ll see how it goes.  Last night’s workout was tough but I didn’t feel extremely drained afterwards, which is a first for me.  I’m not sure if it’s my body adapting or if it is the addition of a few extra carbs into my diet before a workout that’s getting me through.

My goal for the year this year is to not be last at least once. 🙂

Third Class

Whew!  What a workout that was.

Our warmup consisted of a 600m run which took 4 minutes for me to complete.  I found this easier than the first time I ran it, but it still took a lot out of me.   After the run, he had us do 10 each of:

  • cobra pushups
  • jumping pullups using the ring straps
  • alternating jumping lunges
  • situps.  

I can’t remember if that was the order, but I do remember those were the exercises 🙂 

Because I came back from my run a bit later than the rest of the crew, the coach told me to do 1 full round of ten reps of each and then do 5 of each for the second round in the interest of time.

We then did some partner stretches – the shoulders! Oh they felt good!  I’m extremely flexible but because my weight is high, I have a hard time getting a good stretch.  I’m loving these partner stretches because they get me past the point I’m usually able to get on my own.

We worked on our snatch techniques for the skills portion.  Bars only, and although it didn’t look like much at the end of the 40 reps (4×10 reps of different parts) I was pretty exhausted.

The WOD was deceiving, as I’m learning they are.  I’ve noticed that they look like they could be easy to do and quick to get through, but actually doing them is HARD.  Holy moly.

Our WOD was:

  1. 10x low hang snatch (20lbs + ladies bar for me)
  2. 10x GHD situps
  3. 10x straight legged DL (same bar as #1, but I felt I could do more, yunno?)
  4. 30x double unders

Double unders are officially the bane of my existence.  Because we workout barefoot, the rope strikes my toes, my calves, my ankles. Ugh.  I realize these will come with time, and I’m happy to be able to skip 30x in a row without falling over, but DU’s will take time.  I simply am unable to jump high enough to get the rope under my feet twice.

I was pretty toast at the end of this workout, and my arms are certainly feeling it today.

My face is still extremely red after each workout, I really hope this goes away as my fitness increases and my fatness decreases 🙂

Second time around!

I was pretty tired last night after working all day and not getting much sleep the night before, so I was very tempted to skip the workout.

Our box has a 20 burpee penalty for missing a class and a 16-hour advance cancellation policy.  Not wanting to do the burpees, I decided to just suck it up and go.  And I’m glad I did 🙂

We had the same warmup as Tuesday (this time the 300m run was in the rain – woo!)  and instead of it being a full class, there were only four of us.  That is, me plus three very fit-looking young men.

As expected I was last in completing the warm up (I’m okay with being last) and then we got started in on the mobility work/partner stretches.  I’m extremely flexible but because I have extra weight I can’t get a decent stretch a lot of the time.  Partner stretches really help with that.

We worked on the movements of the clean. First pull, second pull, up to the rack position. Over and over and over.  Holy shit I thought my arms were going to fall off.

Then the WOD.  Similar to 13.4, but a 10 min AMRAP instead of 7.

Instead of the Toes to Bar, I did situps.  And because I pushed it on Tuesday, I ended up with a sore shoulder, so I did just bar cleans with no weight.

13.4 was a laddered workout. 3-6-9-12. Got through 1/2 the 12 cleans before time.

Things I’ve noticed in the last week:
Sit-ups are easier
Face still super red after a workout.
I had more energy post-workout last night than I did on Tuesday. Might be geting over this cold after all.  I just wish this pesky cough would go away.

First official class in the bag!

I was pretty nervous yesterday, despite having gone to the Intro & Fundamentals classes.  This was the real deal.  With real crossfitters.  That have been training a lot longer than me!

As it turns out, it didn’t matter a bit.  Those that I talked to were friendly and helpful, and nobody laughed as I attempted to keep up with the group (unlike high school gym class all those years ago!).

Our warm up consisted of a 300m run (I didn’t walk once!) and some sit-ups, push ups & squats.  I finished last, but hey – someone’s got to, right?  I’m not there to race 🙂

Then we worked on the muscle-up components. The kip, the transition, and the false grip.  GHB situps using the transition as we got to the top – yeowza.  I think I’ll put in for new abs 🙂

Our WOD was the Nasty Girls, 3 rounds in 15 mins.  I scaled the weight (Ladies bar + 20 lb) and the muscleups (7x ring dips, 7x ring rows in lieu of pullups which I can’t do yet).

I got through two rounds plus my third hang power cleans and half of my third round of squats.  I had trouble with stairs after the workout, but today I seem to be feeling okay.  Shoulders are tight.

I also noticed that the two eggs and piece of ham I had an hour pre-workout was good for about an hour, but we ran late meaning towards the end of the WOD I started to feel like I needed fuel.

I expected to feel totally jazzed and energetic after the workout last night but my body felt heavy and sleepy, so I went home, had a salad & some protein and then went to bed. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my life in general if I get close to 8 hours of sleep (I’m usually a 6.5/night girl), so that’s something I’m working on as well.

Next workout is tomorrow.  Tonight I’m resting.